Patient Feedback



“I am of course glad that I am rid of my braces but also sad that we won`t see each other so often now. I will my regurlar appointments with you..”

Denise W., 32


“Even though I felt that the hours of waiting were sometimes a bit too long, I now see that waiting has indeed paid off. I am very happy with my new teeth and pains in my maxillary joints have also disappeared. Many thanks.”

Werner S., 40


“If I had known what can still be done with my teeth, then I would have come much earlier. Many thanks also to your especially friendly team”

Johanna R., 65


“Many thanks for the most competent care extended to our daughter in the course of a most complicated treatment setting. We are very happy that you have been recommend to us and would also like to stress that your entire team has contributed beyond their call of duty to our feeling at home in your midst. It is quite obvious to the observer that you all enjoy your work. Our heartfelt wishes to you for continuing your successful undertaking!”

Manjana B., Patient Mother


“Finally I am rid of my braces! Everything is perfect. And what is best of all? My friends are only starting now. Many thanks!”

Jasmin Sch., 14


“Dear doctor, many thanks to you and your team for the excellent way you took care of my son. Both from the angle of competence as well as personal relationship, we felt that we were given the best of service. Thanks for EVERYTHING!”

Manuela R., Patien Mother


“Many thanks for your personal care, support and understanding. The teeth of our children have turned out to be beatiful even though there have sometimes been problems with cleaning their teeth. Everything you have done for them is the best start into the future of our children……”

Gerhard K., Patient Father


“Many, many thanks for the long, kind and professional care extendet to our son,. That´s what miracles look like……”

Christina A., Patient Mother