1. Initial interview

What can we do for your child? We want to find out what kind of motivation is behind a possible treatment for your child. On this basis we assess the present status of the teeth and the jaws of your child and will inform you about the likely benefits of a treatment.

We will also let you know what type of brackets would be suitable for your child and how long treatment would take.

This initial talk has merely consulting character and costs 86 Euros.

2. Findings

In a second session all the required diagnostic tools will be put to use, such as: x-rays (panorama- and teleradiography), photographs and impressions of upper and lower jaw (with different aromas). A thorough clinical examination is also part of the procedure.

After analyzing all these findings, we will set up an ideal treatment plan for your child.

3. Discussing results

In the third session we will discuss with you and your child what our target would be and what the plan would be like.
In this third session it may also be possible to insert the brackets or hand them over to you.

4. Treatment

If detachable appliances are used, success will be checked every 8-10 weeks and the appliances further activated.
If fixed brackets are chosen, check-ups take place about every six to eight weeks and at this time the brackets are further activated.

For an optimal result of the treatment, thorough dental care and a dentist´s regular check for possible carious formation
are essential.

We are committed to the most up-to-date treatmernt concepts. In order to also guarantee best possible quality,
we cooperate closely with colleagues known as experts in the following disciplines:

• General dentistry
• Oral surgery
• Periodontology
• Myofunctional treatment
• Physiotherapy

Particularly when treating malocclusions of teeth and jaws in childhood and adolescence, accompanying myofunctional treatment by a speech therapist is recommended.

5. Stabilizing and after-care:

In order to stabilize and assure ideal results, so-called fixed retainers (internally applied invisible wires in the front)
may be used. They should stay in place until the wisdom teeth erupt. Another option for stabilization would be simple “night appliances”.
It is recommended to do a retention check in our office until growth is terminated.